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Easy peasy granola squares.

There is a huge difference between healthy calories and empty calories. I didn’t really put much thought into that before all this allergy stuff. Now we strive to give her healthy calorie snacks from healthy fat. In this recipe I use Bob’s Redmill rolled oats and flaxseeds, Sunbutter, raisins, maple syrup, and a little powdered sugar for sweetness.…… Continue reading Easy peasy granola squares.

Allergy stuff

What do I feed this child?

When we first started down the allergy road I was a nervous mess. The thought that I was causing this for my daughter just by feeding her created so much guilt for me and I was so anxious about walking the aisles to find her food. Luckily, we live in an awesome little community and…… Continue reading What do I feed this child?

Allergy stuff

Could it be allergies?

From the beginning I exclusively breastfed this little stink so the thought of allergies was never really there. We never had any issues until around six months when we started introducing solid foods, she went back to waking several times at night and we went through two rounds of thrush within 2 months. Her little…… Continue reading Could it be allergies?